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The Power of Purple in Alabama

The Purple Paint Law in Alabama: A New Way to Mark Private Property

Purple: From Royalty to Private Property

Traditionally, the color purple has been associated with royalty, wealth, and status in literary and historical contexts. However, in Alabama, purple now carries a new significance: marking private property and indicating no trespassing. This shift comes as a response to persistent issues with trespassers removing posted signs to unlawfully enter private lands without fear of prosecution.

Introduction of the Purple Paint Law

To combat this problem, the Alabama legislature approved Senate Bill 416, adopting a "purple paint" law for landowners. This new legislation aims to amend the definition of "trespassing" as detailed in the Code of Alabama, Title 13A, Chapter 7, Section 1.

New Definition of "Posting in a Conspicuous Manner"

The law redefines "posting in a conspicuous manner" to include painting vertical stripes of purple paint on trees or posts along property lines. The updated posting rule specifies the following criteria for these purple paint marks:

  1. Dimensions: Vertical lines must be at least eight inches in length and at least one inch in width.
  2. Height Placement: Marks should be positioned with the bottom of the line no less than three feet from the ground and no more than five feet from the ground.
  3. Visibility and Spacing: Marks must be readily visible to anyone approaching the property. They should be spaced no more than 100 feet apart on forest land and no more than 1,000 feet apart on non-forest land.

Implementation and Maintenance Recommendations

To ensure your property lines are clearly marked and maintained, it's recommended to repaint your boundary lines every seven years using quality forestry tree paint. With the introduction of this new law, switching from traditional yellow, red, or blue to purple is now advisable.

Easier Maintenance with Forestry Brush Mulchers

For easier access to your property lines during maintenance, consider using a forestry brush mulcher to create fire lanes. This not only aids in the upkeep of the purple paint marks but also contributes to better land management and fire prevention. Additionally, using mowers and other lawn care equipment can help keep your property well-maintained and ensure the visibility of your boundary marks. By adopting the purple paint law, Alabama landowners now have a more durable and recognizable method to protect their property and enforce no-trespassing rules effectively.

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