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Adaptable, Consistent and Durable. Oregon 3/4" pitch harvester replacement sprocket nose (RSN) guide bars fit at broad range of timber harvesting equipment. Built tough using specialized 3/8" thick alloy-steel with precision-milled grooves. Replacement nose kits are available to maximize bar life.


  • Equipped with specific features that facilitate superior performance for a multitude of timber harvesting applications
  • The induction hardening process increases the longevity of your guide bar with precision heat-treated rails and added resistance to wear and chipping
  • Replaceable sprocket noses simplify on-site maintenance
  • Achieve higher productivity output with our straight and square-milled grooves that are designed for consistency, stability, and decreased wear
  • Engineered with high-grade alloy steel to minimize wear, chipping, and spreading
  • LubriTec increases the life of your guide bar and saw chain with advanced precision to allow the chain drive links and oil to have closer contact, significantly reducing oil waste
  • Image shown may not reflect actual bar tail motor mount,  check Oregon Harvester Catalog for actual tail mount configurations

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